The Washington Transportation Commission has released the Washington Transportation Plan 2035 (WTP 2035). WTP 2035 is a high-level policy plan providing guidance and long-term strategies for all transportation modes across the state.

A number of additional documents were created during development of WTP 2035 to present the results of investigation into various topics, as well as to document the public outreach process.

Technical Memoranda and Working Papers:

Technical Memorandum #1, Document Review and Synthesis, January 2014

Technical Memorandum #2, Existing Conditions and Trends, May 2014

Working Paper #1, Vision and Goals Update, May 2014

Working Paper #2, Needs Assessment, June 2014

Working Paper #3, Draft Strategies and Actions, June 2014

Public Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement:

WTP 2035 Summary of Stakeholder Roundtable Meetings

WTP 2035 Summary of Public Comments

Public Outreach Journal

Media Journal

Database of Public Comments Received at Open Houses and by E-Mail

Public Comment Letters Received

WTP 2035 Draft and Final Documents:

WTP 2035 Public Review Draft, July 2014

WTP 2035 Public Review Draft Executive Summary, July 2014

WTP 2035 Final Executive Summary, January 2015